Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mark Langdon's 2010 Bullet 21RDC!!!!!! Amazing!!!

Well folks, where can I possibly start and cover all this? . Let me start off by thanking a few folks of whom have made the Websterdamas...extremely happy and even more greatful, to have been afforded the opportunity to build this absolutely incredible 2010 Bullet 21 RDC. Countless hours were spent in the design process,custom work and rigging of this boat and I can only tell you that you need to make every effort to come to Lexington at our show the 1st weekend in February to see this boat in person. Without the imput from the folks below, none of this would have been remotely possible. 1st off.... Mr. Mark Langdon. Mark, I want to thank you personally for having faith in me to help you get this boat in it's current state. Mark worked with me on every single detail...and it shows in so many ways. I thank you and the dealership thanks you for this purchase. It was truly our pleasure. Bullet Boats/Tom,Teresa,Bill and all the employees at the factory that produced such a nice boat with all the necessary attention that we all have been used to for so many years. On a personal level...all of you at Bullet Boats have continued to support my efforts over the years and it does not go unnoticed. I thank all of you. Mark Peiser(Bassinracer)...words cannot describe how your design principles and products play into my everyday activities regarding these custom builds. Mark Peiser is a true professional and I am proud to use his equipment exclusively here at Marine Works- Simply put- the absolute best!. ORS- My Brother David otherwise known as (Odie)...of whom took the time to give a little of his own expertise in the custom clearcoat job on the Carbon Fiber cowling as well as the paintwork on the 100% custom audio pod I build exclusively for the Bullet Boats (Available Now) .My Brother is a paint genius and I Thank you for all you do for me! Boat Mate trailers...for doing the custom work to the trailer as well as all the additions that are stunning to say the very least. Great Work and an excellent product folks. Bill Chamberlain.....thanks for the input on the audio pod-Yet another example of what type work Bill does. He and I have worked on many audio projects and assuredly this one takes it to a completely different level. This audio pod is a work of art and is 100% audiofile standard and one of a kind without question. Mike Hill....folks, do not let him fool ya! He does great work and the powdercoating upgrades on this boat are fabulous! Great work Mike. I appreciate you taking time to have a part in this boat. Steve Hamber at Lowrance/Navico- THANK YOU! There are no words folks. Steve was the 1st one to educate me on the weather data overlay system for the HDS as well as downscan imaging....believe me folks- IT'S ALL THAT. This boat ha Sirius Radio/Sirius Weather Data Overlay and Downscan...Simply UNREAL! Steve is 1st Class and takes care of the Webster! Mr. Ken Wolken...the man that designed and built the Carbon Fiber Cowling Masterpiece on this project, (people of interest- you need to see one of these in person-it simply has no equal ) Optima Battery of Somerset Kentucky- thanks for the Batteries and making us #1 on your list. Zack @ Kicker Pro Audio..... I've known Zack seemingly forever. Thanks for the advice on the Amplifier...(YES FOLKS) Amplifier.....and more. Tom cassity @ Mercury usual TOP NOTCH SERVICE! Thanks. Well- That should just about do it folks...Mark picked up his boat last evening and headed to the of Indiana....up there with Ol Hot Rod,Skeeterboy and Bassinracer......they may start a club or something Engine decals are currently in the design process and will be added by show time. We are entertaining a few options here and will host pictures in the near future. This boat will be the SHOWCASE boat at the Rupp Arena/Lexington Center Sport Boat Show starting Thursday February 4th through the 7th. fastbassers are already making plans to last year. So far, the head count is Longrodder,Hot Rod, Big D (Roy Williams Son) ,Looney- YEP, that's right- Looney,Rusty Satterfield, Chris20, Kent, Cascall, Tom @ Bullet and Mark Langdon of course.Who knows who else will show up in Rupp to hang out a bit. We will see....should be fun as always! In closing.....I want to say that I truly enjoy these type builds. It pushes the bar a little higher everytime.

Mark......I thank you for the opportunity!