Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving 2008

The entire Marine Works-KY staff and their families would like to take just a moment to wish all of you a safe and happy Thanksgiving.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Lincoln Bowen, Crothersville IN....2008 21XRD/250 PRO XS...aka.."HD"

This stunning ride is FOR SALE!!!! Call Lincoln Bowen at 812-528-9591 for more details!

Lincoln Bowen of Crothersville, IN has been the owner of some SUPERFINE Bullets.....and this one is no exception! Lincoln has been known to pursue great lengths for some super clean rigging ideas, and for this rig he enlisted none other than John Webb to coach the class. John filled the boat with Lowrance Electronics, www.billetboatproducts.com rigging accessories by Mark Peiser, Mercury Smartcraft gauges, and LOTS of other tricks to complete the task. Swinging a 27 Turbo TXP, this Bullet will easily top 83MPH GPS with a full tourney load and 2 aboard....all while getting there fresh and DRY!

100MPH....and its sittin still!
Deck big enuff for an F-16 to land!
Stuning Sparkle!!!!!!!!!
www.billetboatproducts.com accessories GALORE!
250 horse motivator!
Boatmate Trailer with ALL the bling!
"Candy is dandy....but Bullets will put bugs in your teeth"!!!!!
SUPER clean!
Clean, uncluttered, and ready for action!
Flush pedal, Minn Kota w/lift assist and universal x-ducer, www.billetboatproducts.com swingaway graph mount.
Slick lines!
Blinded by the BLING!

Friday, November 7, 2008

John Hurd's 2009 21XRD/225 Pro XS

Here is another beautiful boat sold and rigged by John Webb at Marine Works in Harrodsburg, KY. This beautiful rig is owned by John Hurd of Cincinatti, OH!

Bullet Boats...Knoxville, TN...865-577-7055
John Hurd, Cincinatti, OH!
2009 21XRD/250 ProXS

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Clint & Meredith Montgomery of Cleveland, TN and their 2009 20XRD/225 ProXS

Here is the best example I know of a Bullet owner who knew EXACTLY what he wanted in his new Bullet. Clint researched on the internet, read brochures, talked with me, asked other Bullet owners, and finally got with John Webb on the final touches and ordered his dream Bullet. This 20XRD may not be the fastest 20ftr in East Tennessee, but that was by design. This boat has LOTS of fishing nuances that many other buyers simply overlook.
One instance of this is the Torquemaster gearcase. Most new 20ft Bullets are rigged with the blazingly fast Sportmaster case....simply because that is the fastest way to go. But, Clint knew his boat would be primarily a fishing platform and would be loaded heavy to reflect his tackle collecting tendencies. So, he chose the TM gearcase because of its load carrying abilities.
The Lowrance X-27 up front, linked to the 520 in the rear gave Clint the versatility he expected and allowed him to have the bigger screen up front for all that drop shotting he craves to do!
The lowered seats are a must for anyone ordering a new 20ft Bullet. The benefits of the lowered seats include security, safety, comfort, and coolness. So, Clint felt that was the only way for him to go!
A full complement of billetboatproducts.com bling by Mark Peiser, and a tricked out rigging job by John Webb and Clint finish the package.
Clint chose John as his go to salesman for several reasons....attention to detail, knowing what Clint wanted, and a never say quit approach to doing it right made John his only choice. In the end...the Black Pearl is a stunningly clean rig...and whether Clint is at Arnold AFB fighting fire, or in Iraq serving his country as a Air National Guard Firefighter...he has his wonderful wife Meredith and a beautiful black Bullet to come home too! Congratulations Clint on this superfine ride!

The Black Pearl!
2009 20XRD/225 ProXS
100MPH sittin still!
Clean lines across the bow!
Powder coaters paradise!
Lowered seat option! NICE!
Another angle of the lowered seats!
Poly Planer amp and speakers hidden!
MP3 player, jack, and volume control for sound system!
Mercury 225 pro XS, Torquemaster gearcase
Optional backplash hides most of rigging hose.
The PAD!
Let there be LIGHT!
Optima Batteries in Marine Works custom battery trays....clean rigging!
Optima in Marine Works billet tray.

Getting to know the new toys!
A new Bullet owner lookin at his toys!

1/2 Ownership!
Meredith is 50% owner!

Final Options list!!!
2008 20XRD
225 Pro XS
27” Trophy Prop
12” Rapid Jack
Optima batteries in Marine Works Mounts
2 bank Pro Mariner
Lowered Seats
5” windshield, backsplash, bow panel cover
Smartcraft Dash
Lowrance X27 on bow
Lowrance 522c at helm
Both graphs networked
All transducers glassed in
Billet Boat Products Rod Rack
Billet Boat Products Floor Plate
BBP Tool Rack
BBP Jackplate Sliders
Single axle Botemate “Loaded”
“Remove Before Flight” tags from a F-16 Fighting Falcon rolling out on a combat mission
KC Daylighter headlight
Poly-planer MP3 Kit
Moonlite blacklights
Everything is either polished aluminum, stainless steel, or powdercoated. The only bare metal is the spokes in the steering wheel.
Retractable rod strap
Chrome gauge bezels
82# Digital Motorguide

Tony Risinger of Brooks, KY and his fabulous 4 color 21XRD Bullet!

Does this rig "pop" or what???? The new 4 color scheme is taking ahold in a major way. The clean lines of a Bullet Boat make the perfect showcase for the 4 colors used in Tony's boat. 4 Color...Red Gel/ White Gel/ Black Gel and White Gel all blend together to make this boat stand out from the ordinary. With this being Tony's first Bullet....John felt like he deserved something just a touch different from the rest of the crowd!

Tony Risinger's 4 color 21XRD
Mercury 250 ProXS with Torquemaster gearcase!
4 Color/ Red Gel/ White Gel/ Black Gel and White Gel

Nothing in the world looks any better than a new Bullet owner in his rig!
The owner and his rig!
Another one of John's customers coming up smiles!