Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Valvoline and Eagle One Products sponsers Marine Works 2008 Bullet Tournament.

No matter whether you race, farm, fish, or tow Valvoline has the lubricants to suit your engine's needs. But getting there is just half the challenge....that is why when looks are important, people rely on Eagle One products to make their rigs look their best. Those reasons are why John Webb approached Valvoline and Eagle One when it came time for Lake Cumberland's biggest event of the year.....and he wanted a company there ready for the challenge. From t-shirts, hats, oil, gear lube, nanowax,and stainless keg grills.....LOTS of prizes were distributed to the anglers present. So, when the prizes are gone and you are looking for the products your truck and boat deserve...look no further than Valvoline and Eagle One!

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