Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Larry Wilcher Sr's 2009 21XRD/300XS Bullet!

Hailing from Texarkana, TX.....Larry contacted, ordered and bought this sweet beast from John Webb(859-509-6660) at Marine Works in Harrodsburg, KY. You can take one look at Larry's face as he hands over the money to John Webb and tell that this was "ONE EASY PURCHASE"! Congratulatons Larry on your fine ride!

Only a Bullet looks like it is running 100mph while sitting on the trailer!!!

There is a monster lurking in the shadows....and it's growl is a 3.2 300XS stroker.
Larry Wilcher Sr.

Clean from from front to rear!
Larry Wilcher 2009 21XRD/300XS

Larry Sr. drove a LONG way to get what he wanted!...and the drive was worth every penny!
Larry Wilcher Sr  2009 21XRD/300XS

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