Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tony Risinger of Brooks, KY and his fabulous 4 color 21XRD Bullet!

Does this rig "pop" or what???? The new 4 color scheme is taking ahold in a major way. The clean lines of a Bullet Boat make the perfect showcase for the 4 colors used in Tony's boat. 4 Color...Red Gel/ White Gel/ Black Gel and White Gel all blend together to make this boat stand out from the ordinary. With this being Tony's first Bullet....John felt like he deserved something just a touch different from the rest of the crowd!

Tony Risinger's 4 color 21XRD
Mercury 250 ProXS with Torquemaster gearcase!
4 Color/ Red Gel/ White Gel/ Black Gel and White Gel

Nothing in the world looks any better than a new Bullet owner in his rig!
The owner and his rig!
Another one of John's customers coming up smiles!

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